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Overcoming Artifical Intelligence Implementation Challenges

Perceived AI

Do you view AI projects as time-intensive, costly, and challenging to implement? This perception is common, reflecting a widespread apprehension about the accessibility of AI technology.

AI Options

Are you seeking clarity amidst the plethora of AI options available? It’s a typical scenario, with many feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of AI solutions without clear guidance on what suits their needs best.

Data Readiness

Do you doubt the readiness of your data for advanced AI applications? This concern is frequent among organizations, pondering if their current data infrastructure is adequate for sophisticated AI integrations.

What others have done with us

Chatbot: Co-pilot

ChatBot with access to various data sources within the company

Provides the user with immediate info from the sources to avoid long searching

Shaped with MS Copilot, to ensure data privacy

Gained Benefits from Customer: 10 hours saved per month

AI based accounting

Advanced classification Model processing invoices text and meta data

Uses the data to assign the right account codes and identify fraud

Shaped with Microsoft Azure Cognitive AI

Gained Benefits from Customer: x hours saved per month

Make, Take, Shape - How to use AI right

According to McKinsey there are 3 forms to interact with AI as a Company:

The “Maker”:
These companies develop new Models and improve existing ones on the code level. This is highly resource intense so we suggest to leave this role to Open AI, Microsoft, Google and co.

The “Taker”:
Use tools that have AI models include as out of the Box solutions. This brings immediate benefit to the company, however since these tools are a commodity they can not be the source of sustainable competitive Advantages.

The “Shaper”:
Use the makers’ models and extend them with your data and specifications. By using the existing models in an embedded and adaptable way, you gain competitive advantage with small efforts for set up.

The Trend Radar

In the relentless pace of business, it’s essential to stay on top of industry shifts without getting bogged down by information overload.

Trend Radar offers managers a swift, clear understanding of industry dynamics and future skill needs. Utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT, our platform cuts through the noise of trend analysis.

Engage with our smart interface for immediate trend insights and strategic discussions with our AI, empowering you to make informed decisions swiftly.

Let Hayley consult you on where to start

Meet our latest hire: Hayley our pretrained, AI based junior consultant. She has some good ideas how to apply all the above to your concrete case.

Hi, I am Hayley. Just let us know which industry you are in, describe what your key activities are or let me know a concrete problem of yours and I will share how CREATUM would approach the topic.