More Productivity
Less Costs
Based on Data.

Overcoming Data and AI Implementation Challenges

Data Readiness Doubts

Concerned that your data isn’t primed for advanced technology applications? This is a common hurdle. Many organizations question whether their existing data infrastructure can support the latest technology integration.

Unraveling AI Options

Feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of AI options and lacking clarity? You’re not alone. The fast-paced evolution of AI technologies can make it difficult for businesses to identify and understand the best AI strategies for their unique needs.

Navigating Complexity

Do automation projects appear time-intensive, costly, and complex? We understand these concerns. Many businesses share the perception that automation is an intricate, high-stakes venture, fraught with challenges.

Start with Understanding the Data.

You need clear measures on what happend and understad why it happened. This way you break down the complexity and set the way to focused cost savings and productivity increases.

The General Management App is available to you without initial set up costs and set cleare measures, targets, responsibilities and improvement initiatives.

Dive into the Details behind you numbers, with a 3-day development sprint!

  • Gain Understanding of the driving forces in your data
  • Guided by experienced Data Engineers and BI Developers
  • Use the jointly built report as a template for other topics

Follow up by Automating the Activities

What is understood can be automized. Pre-trained models are availabel out of the box. We help you to identify the most suitable model and shape it to your specific set up.
This can be AI Assitants that: 
  • saves time in harmonizing master data from the ERP System 
  • saves time in classifying and accounting invoices in your system
  • saves time for your colleagues by gathering company data from various sources  and provide it in a dialog to you 
  • saves time by automizing repetitive tasks thorugh Robottic Process Automation
Our Promise to you, you only pay, when we safed the time and efforts that were initially identified.

What our customers say

Let Hayley consult you on where to start

Meet our latest hire: Hayley our pretrained, AI based junior consultant. She has some good ideas how to apply all the above to your concrete case.