Transparency and Insights off the Shelf

Overcoming Data Implementation Challenges

Efficiency in

Are you investing more time in constructing reports than leveraging insights from Power BI dashboards? This is a common challenge, where the focus shifts from analysis to time-consuming report creation.

Consistency Across

Do you notice inconsistencies in data across various reports due to a lack of governance strategy? It’s a prevalent issue that can lead to confusion and mistrust in the data presented.

Actionable Insights

Are your reports filled with numbers and graphs yet missing clear, actionable guidance? This situation often arises, leaving stakeholders with data but without a clear direction on the next steps.

The General Management App

Our General Management App is a Power BI based Report dedicated to Managers who are technology driven and see the lack of a smart tool in their organization to efficiently manage their area of responsibility.

The key differentiator to other solutions: It is not just tracking KPIs, it contains the management of initiatives so you as a manager can focus on steamline your team.

In our next release, Mircosoft Copilot will be integrated to write meaningful smart management reviews.

In 2023 the Report got officially validated and approved by Microsoft and is availabel in the Azure Marektplace since then.


The 3 Day Power BI Sprint

The 3 day Power BI Sprint is dedicated to those managers, who spend more time on building the reports than working with the reuslts of it to generate impact.

Building own reports in Power BI is started quickly and is fun. However, when it comes to the details and making the report look and feel smooth, that is where the work starts.

Skip that pain and engage in our 3 day Power BI Sprint.

Our promise:
We are building a working report in a professional design on one topic of your choice in just 3 days* so you can focus on working with the reulsts.

By the way: You can use the report as a template for your own development after that, directly starting with a professional design.


*without backend Integration

Power BI Governance Guidline and Data Management

Our Power BI Governance workshopand data management services are dedicated to managers, who:
  • recognized that their Power BI Landscape  and access permission got intransparrentsrecognize 
  • that people are starting to doubt the seen data
  • Want to avoid annoying manual data transfers through excel
  • Want to avoid common mistakes when starting with Power BI
Our experts are helping to make your data flows clean and structured, setting up clean workspace atructures and giving you the time to actually work with the data rather than processing them.

Let Hayley consult you on where to start

Meet our latest hire: Hayley our pretrained, AI based junior consultant. She has some good ideas how to apply all the above to your concrete case.