Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing Creatum GmbH for your app development needs. This privacy policy outlines our commitment to protecting the privacy and security of the information collected during the app development process and subsequent usage. 

Data Collection: 

  • During the customization process (if applicable), we collect data and information provided by your organization, such as user account details, system specifications, and other relevant data necessary for customization. This data will be retained only for the duration necessary to fulfill the customization process, not exceeding 3 months following project completion, after which it will be securely deleted.

Data Sharing: 

  • Creatum GmbH respects your privacy. We do not share your organization’s data with external parties, excluding essential third-party service providers who are contractually bound to maintain the confidentiality and security of the data.

Data Security: 

  • To safeguard your organization’s data, we implement robust security measures including encryption, authentication verification, regular security audits and access controls. These practices are designed to protect against unauthorized access or disclosure, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

User Choices and Controls: 

  • Your organization retains full control over the information provided. You have the right to access, correct, or request deletion of your data. Any changes or updates to this information can be communicated to us for prompt implementation.

Updates to the Privacy Policy: 

  • We may update this privacy policy to reflect changes in our practices. Significant updates will be communicated to your organization, ensuring you remain informed about how we handle your data.

Compliance and Jurisdiction: 

  • This policy is governed by German law and complies with relevant data protection regulations, including

Consequences of Non-Provision of Data: 

  • Please note that failing to provide certain data may impact the customization and functionality of the app. We ensure that only essential data is requested to meet your specific requirements.

Contact Information: 

  • For any inquiries or concerns regarding this privacy policy or our app development process, please contact Creatum GmbH via

By engaging with Creatum GmbH for app development, you acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth in this privacy policy.