Data Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your data with our expert Data Analytics services, leveraging cutting-edge technology and delivering immediate value for your business.


How Creatum Can Help

Our team of experts leverages the power of Microsoft Power Platforms to deliver fast results, generating immediate value for our clients. By applying agile approaches, we keep our clients’ needs at the centre of the development process, even if requirements need to be adjusted during the project.

"Unlock the full potential of your data with our expert Power BI Data Analytics services, leveraging cutting-edge technology and delivering immediate value for your business."


We support our clients in the process of collecting, storing and organizing data in a way that it is easily accessible and usable. This is a crucial step towards effective data analysis.


Data is only valuable if it can be easily understood. Our experts help our clients to create meaningful visual representations of data, making it easier to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities.


Our certified experts aid businesses in uncovering insights through data analysis, informing decision-making by identifying KPIs, benchmarking, and forecasting for client success.

Benefits of Data Analytics

Improved Business Decisions


Better Customer Understanding


Competitive Advantage

Our Experts

Alireza Emami and Nohemi Villarreal, our esteemed Data Analytics Experts at Creatum, excel in transforming complex datasets into actionable insights for business growth. Their innovative approaches and passion for data-driven decision making have established them as invaluable assets to our team and clients alike.

Alireza Emami

Alireza Emami, a distinguished Data Analytics Expert at Creatum, excels in deciphering intricate datasets, empowering businesses to thrive. His passion for data-driven solutions, coupled with innovative techniques, establishes him as an invaluable team member. Alireza’s expertise not only elevates decision-making processes but also ensures seamless implementation of practical insights, driving enhanced performance and fostering sustainable growth for our clients.

Nohemi Villarreal

Nohemi Villarreal, a renowned Data Analytics Expert at Creatum, specializes in transforming raw data into meaningful insights for business optimization. Her dedication to developing data-driven strategies, alongside her creative problem-solving abilities, sets her apart as a key contributor. Nohemi’s skillful analysis and tailored recommendations consistently yield tangible results, enhancing our clients’ performance and promoting long-term success.

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