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Elevate Your Data Analytics: From Excel to Power BI with Creatum

Are you facing these Excel limitations in your data analysis?

  1. Data Overload: Excel struggles with large datasets, leading to slow performance and crashes.

  2. Limited Visualization: Excel’s chart options are basic, making it difficult to create compelling data stories.

  3. Manual Updates: Keeping Excel reports current requires time-consuming manual data refreshes.

At Creatum, we specialize in helping businesses transition from Excel to Power BI, unlocking new levels of data insight and efficiency. Our expert consultants ensure a smooth migration, preserving your existing knowledge while introducing powerful new capabilities.

Our Excel to Power BI Transition Services:

  1. Power BI Implementation: We design and implement custom Power BI solutions tailored to your business needs, addressing the limitations of Excel.
  2. Data Integration: Seamlessly combine data from multiple sources, overcoming Excel’s data volume constraints.
  3. Advanced Visualizations: Create stunning, interactive dashboards that bring your data to life in ways Excel never could.
  4. Automated Reporting: Set up automated data refresh and reporting processes, eliminating manual updates and ensuring real-time insights.
  5. Power BI Training: We empower your team with the skills to maximize Power BI’s potential through personalized training programs.
Our clients have reported up to 70% time savings in report creation and data analysis after transitioning from Excel to Power BI with our guidance. We've successfully helped companies across various industries modernize their data management and analytics practices.

The 3 Day Power BI Sprint

Are you spending more time building reports than leveraging their insights for impactful decisions? Our 3-Day Power BI Sprint is designed just for you.

Quick Start, Professional Finish
Building your own reports in Power BI is fast and fun. But when it comes to refining the details and achieving a polished look, the real work begins.

Our Promise
In just 3 days, we will create a fully functional, professionally designed report on a topic of your choice. This allows you to focus on utilizing the insights.

You can use this report as a template for future projects, ensuring a professional design from the start.

Why Choose Creatum's Power BI Services

  • Custom Dashboards: Get tailor-made dashboards that provide real-time insights, empowering you to track performance and make smarter decisions.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Combine data from multiple sources into Power BI for a comprehensive, unified view of your business metrics.
  • Advanced Analytics: Discover hidden patterns and trends with predictive analytics and machine learning.
  • Expert Training and Support: Equip your team with the skills and knowledge to maximize Power BI’s capabilities through hands-on training and ongoing support.

Power BI Governance Guideline and Data Management​

Our Power BI Governance workshop and data management services are perfect for companies that:

  • Need Clear Access Permissions: Ensure your Power BI landscape and access permissions are transparent and well-organized.
  • Trust Data Accuracy: Address and prevent doubts about the accuracy of your data.
  • Eliminate Manual Data Transfers: Avoid the hassle of manually transferring data through Excel.
  • Start Power BI Smoothly: Avoid common pitfalls when beginning with Power BI.

Our experts help streamline your data flows, set up organized workspaces, and give you more time to work with your data instead of just processing it.

Let Hayley consult you on where to start

Meet our latest hire: Hayley our pretrained, AI based junior consultant. She has some good ideas how to apply all the above to your concrete case.